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The home medicine Gin soaked Raisin does it help in reducing the Arthritis Pain?

Some people have reported that vodka-soaked white raisins could be beneficial for arthritis. However there is controversy about this recipe as some people say it works and are really happy with the benifits that the gin soaked white (golden) raisin has on their arthiritis pain. This recipe asks for golden (also known as white) raisins. Put the raisin in a bowl, then put gin into the bowl so that the raisin are completely covered with gin Next step is to let the gin evaporate, so leave the raisin stand in an open bowl. This can take a while, several days. After the gin is vaporated you keep the bowl in the fridge in a covered container. Take daily about 9 raisins.

Here are some statements from several people who had benefit of the vodka soaked raisins:

"This home medicine Gin soaked golden raisin has worked for me for several years. I notice the difference when I forget to take the raisins, the arthritis get worse. It really makes a difference for me. It is such a relief, because I am allergic to medication."

"I am using gin-soaked raisins several months. I will tell you that I am eating more than nine day,. about 15, but based on my size that's not unreasonable. Nothing else compares to this. I realized that it must be the sulfur in the raisins that is beneficial. So, I eliminated the raisins and just used MSM pills for awhile, which is high in sulfur. They were nowhere near as effective. I've tried various topical ointments (Icy Hot, etc.) They help, but again not even close to as helpful as the raisins. So, I'm back on my raisins again."

"My mother is in her 90's and just started to get arthritis in the hip. She relies by the raisin/gin, it works for her, so why dont use this cheap and successful arthritis home medicine."

"I had considerable pain in my left hip, knees, legs and back. It became worse as the day passed on and at the end of the day my whole body was in pain. After over-the-counter pain medications again had a negative effect on me, I told myself to see if the gin-soaked raisins would help, , because I dont really believed in it. I bought the cheapest gin and started with 9 raisins and believe there was a slight improvement. I am now taking 15 per day and slowly, after a month, I really can tell the difference! I am no longer affected with the pain that used to be in my life from morning till night. I would recommend this to anybody and suggest them to give it a full tryout because it may take awhile to take full effect."

"I have been using the 'raisin cure' for the past three months. I have knee, lower back and shoulder pain. My knees are feeling better, my back is the same, and my shoulders still hurt but their range of motion has restored significantly. I have always had a problem with medications/cures as they initially are quite effective but then the effects diminish over time. I seem to have reached a stasis with my shoulders which are the biggest problem. I awaken in the middle of the night with severe shoulder pain from sleeping on one side or the other--have to roll over and go back to sleep. I must say that the "raisin party" cure has provided the most profound and long lasting relief of anything I have tried to date. But I have not found it to be a "miracle" cure."

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