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What are the best Arthritis Products, and is there a  Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment out there? Are some of the most vital and common asked questions by all Arthritis victims,yet all of the hyped pharmaceutical ads, and so called "NATURAL PRODUCTS" has done far a job than actually getting rid of Arthritis pains.

You see I was a 20 year old kid (Dwain Carbon) that's me, that was tormented by seeing my mother suffer from the pain of having Arthritis. I would embrace her pain as though it was me who had Arthritis.I've seen pharmaceutical and so called "Natural Cures" actually worsen her condition to a point where, every month she would have to fly over to Puerto Rico, to have the doctor give her pain relief injections in her joints, to num her pain, and in her knees to ease the swelling. It was then I made up my mind, and said. I might not be any doctor, mad Scientist or even a Herbalist, but I was going to find a resolution to arthritis pain relief forever for my mother. "What I discovered was totally mind boggling" and you would probably even laugh when you find out what lead to my discovery, to have my mother move from being an Aching Arthritis victim, to literally, a SUPER WOMAN, that now does everything from running, jumping, swimming and cleaning which she loves so much. All of the things that her arthritis condition had robbed her off. Her arthritis condition has been permanently cured and she now does lives a wonderful healthy life. Isn't this an amazing arthritis medicine?

But get this..... "It was not some Pharmaceutical or magical Herbal Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment!" Before I go further, I must tell you the quote that I heard from a famous Internet Guru. Yes you heard me :) "Internet Guru." It was an Internet Guru who's quote I learned, that lead to my discovery of what to recommend for my mother's Arthritis Pain. This was the quote. "Every one that bought a drill didn't want a drill, they wanted a Hole." - Perry Marshall And though you may say this man isn't a Doctor, so what does his quote have to do with Relieving you from your Arthritis pain, I would be a bit bold and say it has EVERYTHING to do with Relieving your Arthritis Pains. You see I've found out that Most, if not All pharmaceutical products merely target the Symptoms, allowing a Surpressant reaction, rather than an actual Arthritis Cure, and most "NATURAL PRODUCTS" doesn't chater to all of the characteristics that needs to be addressed in order for the body to work at it's prime, but then again that's exactly what people want "Instant Gratification" and they wonder why they buy into anything that put's Arthritis relief and Cure in the same sentence.

My philosophy was to simply take a totally opposite approach than most people that are looking for a cure for Arthritis take, and not go out and about looking for Arthritis Bracelets, to learn all the risk factors of Arthritis or even about Arthritis Therapy. I became an information JUNKY to what are the characteristics of Healthy Cells and what's required to bring back the body to it's original state, because I was no certified MD, but I knew that nobody with healthy cells could have such diseases as arthritis, and other known diseases,not mentioning LOTS of Prayer as well. And like the Bible says, "He who Seeketh, Findeth." well that's precisely what happened. I was introduced to a Doctor by the name of Robert I. Bender, by my friend Ralph. Dr.Bender, certified MD, and FAAFP, also recognized as one of the leading authorities in the Disease-Prevention and Anti-Aging arena in the entire U.S, author of the book and cd series "The Triangle Of Life." Shared his views with me on the topic,and I was just blown away by his wealth of knowledge, and confirmation to what I had been searching for.

In a nutshell what I learned from him was; "The only true way to Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment, and have it TOTALLY relieved forever, is to Treat Arthritis the Drug Free Way." You'll notice this site to be very different from the traditional "BUY my Arthritis Wonder Product,Today, and go out and save the world Tomorrow," kind of website, and that is because my objective is to TRULY educate and expose you to some of my most PRIZED Resources, that have allowed me to have my "Heartbeat" Permantly Relieved of her Arthritis Pain and living a Healthier life style today than ever before, "MY MOTHER (Petrolina Carbon)."


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